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Ranked among the top Website Design firms in Mauritius and providing services to companies throughout Mauritius and Africa, Website Design specializes website services. These include the planning, design/redesign, development and marketing of b2b and e-commerce web, mobile and responsive sites. In addition, we offer corporate identity and logo design services.

We focus on helping our clients create web and mobile sites that will improve their competitiveness, enhance their online branding and produce results that can be measured. To learn more, see our services.

Who We Do It For

We work with large medium and small companies located throughout Mauritius, Africa and internationally. The broad range of industries we work with includes technology; ecommerce; legal; recruiting and staffing; medical and healthcare; financial and insurance; and, business services. To learn more, see our portfolio. 


Turn Your Passion into

Time & Cost Saving Approach

In order to provide both time and cost savings, Website Design specializes in the rapid deployment of web, responsive and mobile site projects.

Having completed over 250 projects, we have turned the idea of efficiently creating, enhancing and maintaining a successful site into a reality for our clients.

Strategic & Project Planning Process

Our clients often say our experience shows. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you. As part of this, we can guide you through each step of the planning process, including the endless details involved in site design and development.

Although our process is tailored to each client’s needs, a typical planning process might include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Requirements
  • Specification
  • Competitive Research
  • Project Plan & Timeline Development

The timeframe for this process can range from a few days to a few weeks.

Implementation Process

Making the complex simple. Fire Webs is known for turning the complexities of design/redesigning or enhancing web, mobile and responsive sites into straightforward tasks and steps that can readily be shared with our clients. This not only allows a project to be implemented quickly but also improves communication and collaboration.

Concurrent vs. Consecutive. Part of what makes our process a RAPID process is our ability to perform many tasks concurrently, as opposed to the standard approach of performing most tasks consecutively. This applies to all phases of the site design and development process.

Small, fast-acting, creative-thinking teams are another hallmark of the Fire Webs approach. Frequently, we assign a team of only two to five design and development professionals to a project. Our clients have found that our proven processes combined with a small team, hand-picked for their project, can produce greater results with less time and costs than sizably larger teams. What makes our team so great: Experience, skill, talent and training.

Measurable results are as important to the implementation process as they are to a site itself. That is why we measure our performance based not only on the features delivered but on the value delivered and the time saved.

The timeframe for site implementation typically ranges from a week to several months.

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We Help People, business

Complete Projects

Website Design provides a full range of site planning, design, development and social medial integration services to help our clients meet their online objectives and distinguish themselves in the highly competitive online environment.

Redesign Services

Website Design has worked extensively in the area of site redesign and re-engineering. Whether your requirements are simple or extensive, we can help you successfully plan, build and deploy a redesigned site.

Project-Based Services

For clients looking to enhance and extend components of their existing site—or seeking to implement their online strategy in phases— Fire Webs offers many service options in the areas of website, mobile and responsive site consulting, design, content, usability, programming, marketing and hosting.

Site Maintenance Services

Maintaining an up-to-date and polished site is critical to ensuring that your company is always represented at its best. To assist in this important area, we provide site maintenance services on a retained, project and hourly basis.

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We understand the importance of brand value for your business. We go the extra mile to provide you web design services in Mauritius, beyond the graphics and visual appeal to ensure that your website portrays a strong brand image for your products, services, and for your company as a whole. Our integrated, innovative approach ensures your customers, clients and prospects enjoy a seamless experience navigating the website.

A quality website is not an expense but an investment. Contact us to develop your new website from the best website company in Mauritius.

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