Having your SEO Services managed properly and intelligently will save you thousands of Rands. Website Design Marketing increases your leads, calls, and sales through SEO services are done right.


Check Your Website’S Seo

We do a 43 point site audit consisting of categories that check Indexing & Crawlability, Redirects, Encoding & Technical Factors, Url’s, Links, Images, On-Page, and localization.



We stay away from run-of-the-mill solutions and approach the search engine optimization process in a way that is highly customized to your needs, from start to finish. It’s critical for every business to apply the right strategies at key moments and to apply them correctly. Beyond that, careful data collection is essential to understanding how to improve performance for SEO in niche and location.

Panda & Penguin

Friendly website architectural audit and analysis.

Constant campaign fine-tuning

Access to our proprietary analytics tools and monthly reports..

Conversion rate optimization

To increase your leads, call, and sales from existing traffic at each stage of your campaign.

In-Depth backlink profile analysis

Including penalty analysis and lost important links.

Boost social signals

And generate a buzz around your content on social media.

Local Maps optimization

To dominate Google Maps listings.

Granular keyword analysis

Detailed keyword choice to reach “ready-to-buy” audiences looking for your services.

Build quality natural backlinks

That will survive algorithm changes.


What Do We Look At To Achieve Your SEO Results

When looking at the data of the Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors and the Localized Organic Ranking Factors, this is where we start from the largest percentage categories to the smallest percentage categories and making sure we can give you the best results for each ranking factor

Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors

  1. oogle My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 25.12%
  2. Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 16.53%
  3. Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 15.44%
  4. On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 13.82%
  5. Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 10.82%
  6. Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 9.56%
  7. Personalization 5.88%
  8. Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 2.82%

Localized Organic Ranking Factors

  1. Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 27.94%
  2. On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 26.03%
  3. Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 11.5%
  4. Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 8.85%
  5. Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 8.41%
  6. Personalization  7.32%
  7. Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 6.47%
  8. Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 3.47%
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Optimize for Local We ensure the search engines understand your business and your target area. We achieve this through schema markup, NAP data, and localized keyword optimization.

Local Maps Optimization – Now more than ever it is imperative your business is found on Google Maps. We improve your maps listing by completing your profiles, claiming missing listings, encouraging reviews, and standardizing NAP data.

Localized Content Marketing – We optimize your content to draw in consumers in your local area. Our goal is to work with you to develop informative, creative content that will keep your local audience coming back for more.

Authority Industry Citations – One of the most important components of Google’s local ranking algorithm are citations. We build/standardize citations from well-established and authoritative portals (i.e. Yellowpages, etc).

Search engine optimization evolves and changes all the time.

The Website Design Local SEO Method

We approach the optimization process in a way that is highly customized and tailored to your needs, from beginning to end. There is no one solution that works for everyone. Knowing what strategies to apply at what times, and how to apply them for every business is crucial. Beyond that, careful data collection is the key to understanding how to improve performance.

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Not Enough For Your Seo Needs?

Pop us a mail and we can discuss your needs for SEO  further.

Search engine optimization evolves and changes all the time.

Today’s SEO Landscape

In light of this, SEO is perceived by many as a never-ending battle between search engines and SEO professionals who continue to puzzle out updates to gain more traffic and increase SERP visibility for a short while.


Links Still Rule

Links have been important from the earliest days of SEO and are still one of the strongest indicators of a website’s superb performance to Google.

The more high-quality, relevant links you acquire, the higher your website’s SERPs will potentially become.

In short, links are still fundamental to SEO.

It makes sense to invest in link building as part of your SEO efforts.


Relevant, Optimized Content

You need content to attract links, but your content needs links to boost your site’s ranking in search results and to help drive traffic to a content piece.

Eventually, what it comes down to is this: Links and content are the backbones of SEO.

If you want to crack the first page on Google, you need links to your relevant, well-optimized content.


UX Signals

User experience (UX) plays a substantial role in how your website does with the search engines.

Unfortunately, user experience depends on too many factors (e.g., site infrastructure and layout, content, etc.), and is often too hard to measure.

Figuring out where your site lacks from a UX perspective can be a painful experience.


Mobile SEO

As Google is determined to use its mobile-first index to rank and display search results on all devices, it is time to finally polish your website, mobile-wise.

Unfortunately, although Google’s move makes sense (with more than 50 percent of traffic worldwide generated on mobile), making your site perform smoothly on both mobile and desktop is not simple.

To begin with, you will have to invest in a responsive design, since Google recommends it.


We’re an SEO Company that
Grows Your Sales & Leads in Mauritius.

Marketing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important as the way your website looks and functions. SEO can have a major positive impact on your visibility and it’s important to choose a professional search marketing agency that understands search engine algorithms and is experienced in providing tangible results.

We’ve helped companies increase traffic by over 500% in less than 6 months and grow sales tremendously. Whether your needs are in lead generation SEO or eCommerce SEO, OuterBox is experienced in creating successful organic search marketing campaigns.

We believe that building a website without SEO is like writing a book without publishing it. No one will find it or buy it. Your website is a great marketing tool and was an investment in and of itself, but it must be made readily available to potential customers.

Our search engine optimization services (SEO), will help display your website toward the top of organic search results for the keywords most important to your specific business. We also specialize in eCommerce website design & SEO for customers looking to market their products and online stores.


Premium SEO Optimization Plans

Website Design offer high-quality SEO packages at affordable prices in Mauritius.

Use SEO to Grow Your Business

PLEASE NOTE: The SEO packages below are guidelines as to what you can expect to pay. There are many area’s of SEO, the one’s you choose that is most relevant to your website will determine the price.


Seo link Building Manually

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We understand the importance of brand value for your business. We go the extra mile to provide you web design services in Mauritius, beyond the graphics and visual appeal to ensure that your website portrays a strong brand image for your products, services, and for your company as a whole. Our integrated, innovative approach ensures your customers, clients and prospects enjoy a seamless experience navigating the website.

A quality website is not an expense but an investment. Contact us to develop your new website from the best website company in Mauritius.

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